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If you will be a first time Cocker Spaniel Owner, please read our Cocker Spaniel Fact Sheet HERE before submitting your application.


Gulf Coast Cocker Spaniel Rescue, Inc. (“GCCSR) thanks you for seeking to adopt a rescue animal.  Our goal is to place our rescued pets in permanent, loving homes.  We understand this application/contract is lengthy, but it has been formulated in hopes if minimizing the risk of a failed adoption.  Please complete this application/contract so that we at GCCSR can assist you in finding a special, compatible companion to join your family. We do not adopt dogs on a “first come, first served” basis, but rather make every attempt to match families with the most compatible pets.The primary adoption fee for pets is $200.00 for cocker spaniels 6 months of age and older. The fee for puppies under 6 months old is $300.00, and placement is done only on a foster-to-adopt basis until sterilization is completed at one of GCCSR’s veterinarians.  After surgery, the adoption will be finalized upon receipt of the $300.00 adoption fee and co-signing of the contract by a GCCSR representative.


GCCSR is a non-profit 501(c)(3) animal rescue organization.  Your adoption fee is tax deductable ( a reciept will be sent to you  within the calendar year of the adoption).  Because GCCSR is a nonprofit organization, we exist solely on donations, and these fees help GCCSR defray the costs of spaying/neutering, testing, and vaccinating our pets.  However, these fees rarely cover all of our expenses.  Our pets are heartworm tested and placed on heartworm preventative.  As the Adopter, you agree that if the pet is heartworm positive, Heartgard® (or its ivermectin equivalent) is the only preventative that may be administered to kill the heartworms (what GCCSR commonly refers to as “soft heartworm treatment”).  Any other type of heartworm preventative or treatment could cause the pet to become seriously ill or even die.  A GCCSR representative is happy to answer any questions you might have about such soft treatment. However, should our veterinarians determine that an adulticide injection is a viable option for one of the heartworm positive dogs in our program, said treatment will be administered before the dog will be adopted out.

Please make checks payable to Gulf Coast Cocker Spaniel Rescue.”  If applicable, adoption fees may also be made via the “Donate” link at  As a general procedure, if your application is approved and the adoption is consummated by the signature of a GCCSR representative, you will receive copies of your new pet’s vet records via email within approximately forty-eight (48) hours so that you may schedule a visit with your veterinarian.  Although all GCCSR pets are fully vetted, GCCSR strongly recommends that you take your new pet to your regular veterinarian as soon as possible to have a physical exam and to get your pet started on heartworm and flea preventative. Heartworm preventative MUST be administered to your pet once a month.  As a next step, GCCSR will then send via regular mail a signed copy of this application to you, along with the “hard copy” vet and microchip records and rabies tag, within two weeks.  Please keep this information in a safe place.

Because the animals in GCCSR’s adoption program are rescued, we do not know their actual ages.  The approximate age of the pet in which you are interested is estimated using our experience and the advice of our veterinarians.  Often times, different veterinarians may approximate different ages for the same pet, which may appear on their respective records.  GCCSR thus uses reasonable efforts to approximate an appropriate age, but makes no affirmative representation that the approximate age is the actual age of the pet.  Furthermore, any adopted pet, whether rescued or not, needs time to adjust to its new home environment.  Our pets are typically kept in foster homes, and our foster parents use best efforts to housetrain/crate train each pet, although be aware that your new pet may require an adjustment period.  Because of a shortage of foster homes, some of our pets are kept in a kennel, and a little extra work may be required to acclimate your pet to its new home. If needed, GCCSR can provide handouts on housetraining and crate training to help in the initial transition period.

By signing this application, you as the adopter agree that in the unfortunate event you should you decide not to keep your pet for whatever reason, you will immediately contact a GCCSR representative and return the pet to GCCSR.  The “hard copy” vet and microchip information, along with the rabies tag, must also be returned.





Part I Veterinary Reference/Release

Part II Your Pet Ownership History (Please Be As Specific As Possible In Your Answers)

Part III Information About You

Part IV Information About Your Family

Part V: Information About Your Home

Part VI: Information About Leaving/Housetraining/Exercising/Obedience Training Pet

Part VII: Information About Your Experience with Animals/Your Expectations and Permission for Home Visit

Part VIII: Life With A Cocker Spaniel

Part IX: Adoption, Release and Indemnity Agreement

Part X: Agreement

Enrollment in pet recovery services provided by HomeAgain, Avid or ResQ is included in your adoption fee.  GCCSR will remain as the Primary contact and Adopter will be enrolled as the alternate contact. NOW, THEREFORE, for and in consideration of GCCSR's relinquishment of custody of Pet and other good and valuable consideration provided to Adopter by GCCSR, which Adopter acknowledges is good and sufficient consideration for Adopter’s agreements herein, Adopter hereby gives and grants GCCSR unto, as a basis on which Pet is released, this Adoption, Release, and Indemnity Agreement, and promises, covenants, and agrees as follows:

For Rescue Use Only

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