GCCSR has recently accepted another Cajun cocker into our program.  He's estimated at 1.5 years old, and has been a street dog living in the same cul-de-sac in Lake Charles, LA for likely his whole life. He was hit by a car and no one claimed him, although everyone helped feed him all this time. When he crawled under a house, they feared he would die, so they finally called animal control to come pick him up. That's when we found out about him. 
He saw a vet in Lake Charles on 3/19, and they reported that he's heavy heartworm positive, emaciated, anemic, positive for hookworms, and extremely matted. He's now received his vaccinations, but will need to put on some weight before he can undergo anesthesia for his neuter. Radiographs show a fracture through the right tuber ischii (ischial branch of the acetabulum), possible sacroiliac luxion, and other pelvic floor fractures. It's difficult to tell how old the injuries are, but the first vet estimated that he was hit some 2-6 weeks ago. Because of this and the fact he's not bearing any weight on one of his rear legs, we needed to get him to Houston. Lake Charles doesn't have a board certified orthopedic surgeon, so we located a Houston area foster and he hitched a ride here on 3/22.
Seeing how well Penny has recovered, and knowing this little guy is so young, we just couldn't turn our backs on him. He's got some adjusting to do since he's never lived indoors with a family of his very own, but he seems to be embracing 'the good life' a little more each day! We need to start preparing for all that he will require, so we've set up a PetCaring site for Patrick. If you're able to help with his medical needs, please donate here:

Stay tuned for further updates and developments, and let us know if you might be interested in adopting this angel!