Hi, I'm Da Vinci.  A good samaritan found me behind a school in early July, and thankfully took me to a vet clinic who had a direct connection to GCCSR. With a foster commitment by the vet tech and her sister, they accepted me into the program.  

The best they can tell, I'm a young dog, estimated to be 2-3 years of age, but I was in really sad shape when I first arrived. Covered in mats and maggots, emaciated and just so tired from living that way for so long, I'd pretty much given up on life. Given a lot of TLC and some good grub, it didn't take me long to figure out that my luck must have changed, and as of a few short weeks later, I'm having a GREAT time in my foster home. 

They say I'm really smart, super sweet, easy to please, and I get along with adults, kids, other dogs and cats. I'm all around a GREAT guy, and while I have a little vetting left to complete, they're accepting applications for adoption. If you're interested, please submit an app here: http://www.gulfcoastcockerspanielrescue.com/adoption-application-captcha.php

More information to come... stay tuned!