Hi, I’m handsome and friendly, Fitz!  A red and white, male Cocker with an estimated birthday of March 2012.  My foster mom’s words, “What’s not to love????”  I’m a very easy-going, sweet young man who obviously suffered some sort of trauma to my eye, causing it to shrink.  I don’t recall what happened, but the good news is that I am not in any pain and nothing medically has to be done to that eye at all.  So, I am just going about my usual business of walks, playtime, and just being all-around wonderful! 

I do this really cute thing with my toys – I pick out one and just carry it all around until I’m done with it.  I’ll place it down and go get another to walk around with, not play with, just walk around with.  I’m not toy possessive with my foster buddies, either, so if they want to play with my toys, it’s fine by me.  Well, except when I have one in my mouth, then it’s mine!   I looooove my human and just enjoy being by your side.  All the time if you want!

I really enjoy other doggie friends and so far, am good with kids.  I’ve only met one, and was fine so far.  There will be more to come regarding my personality.  I was found as a stray and in my foster home for a short time, so stay tuned for more on me! 

I am a good boy and behave well while being groomed, and don’t seem to have any sort of aggressive bone in my body!  I’m really looking forward to learning some commands from my foster mom.  Nobody has ever worked with me to see my potential, but I’ll tell you that I am a smart one.  I catch on quickly!  I am already doing really well on leash for walks, which I love and I’m catching on to the whole ‘no humping your friends’ thing.  I’m not neutered yet and can sometimes mount my buddies when we are out playing.  I’m learning, don’t worry – my buddies set me straight and I get the hint pretty much instantly!

So, yes, a neuter is scheduled soon at which time, I’ll also undergo a dental cleaning.  Then, it is on to heartworm treatment, as I am heartworm positive.  So, stay tuned, there will be more to come regarding me and you won’t be disappointed.  Just look at that fun-loving, loyal smile! In the meantime, if you’re interested in adopting me, I could go to the right home in the Houston area provided my family was willing to take me to GCCSR’s vet on the southwest side of town.