Hi, I'm Lucy, and I'm new to GCCSR!! I was flown here from Jefferson Parish, LA, on a Pilots N Paws flight after my owner died and the family surrendered me to the shelter. I'm a petite little girl with an estimated date of birth of 7/11/2010, and I've been described as a laid-back dog who is such a love bug, offering tons of kisses to my foster mom. She says I'm mostly house-trained, but still learning the ropes at a new home with a new routine. In just a few weeks, I've only had minimal accidents and am getting used to the doggie door. I really, really like it when my human goes out into the yard with me. I don't stay out there long, I basically do my business and want back in! I guess you could call me a homebody!!! I enjoy being with you and will follow you around everywhere you go~ kitchen, bathroom, outside, living room, couch, you name it! Kitchen is my favorite and I always hope to score a snack when in that room!

It was obvious when I arrived at the shelter that my owner's family didn't know how to take care of me. I've had a bilateral TECA (ear canal ablation) at some point in the past, which means I'm prone to allergy and ear issues like a lot of cockers. This also means that I cannot hear so well, and learn and follow you by watching closely. 

I'm going to need a high-quality diet going forward to keep allergies at bay; especially since I can experience flare ups with yeast and bacteria the way I did when I arrived. When I first came to the program, my foster mom had to give me antibiotics and bathe me with an anti-fungal shampoo every other day to help my skin heal. It worked, and she said I'm really good for my baths.

I'm really enjoying this much needed TLC. I was super thin when I arrived so I'm slowly getting some weight on with a wholesome diet of chicken, kibble, scramble egg, and some wet food. My tummy is loving it and so is my skin and coat. I eat in a separate area from the other dogs in my foster home, because I am a bit protective of my food and will even go eat their food if they don't hurry up and finish it! Haven't met a kid with a few morsels of food in their hand that I won't steal, either. So, protect your stash people! I'm a hungry little girl, don't be fooled by my small size! 

I'm up to date on my vaccinations, spayed, microchipped and heartworm negative. Because I'm hard of hearing and snappy with food, a home without small children would be best. Can't wait to meet you!