Who’s cute and sweet and lovable all over?  That ­­would be me, Mattie, a female Cocker Spaniel! My estimated date of birth is November 28, 2011, and I was found tied to a fence at the St. Tammany Parish Animal Shelter in Louisiana prior to being brought into the GCCSR foster family in Texas.  When the shelter workers found me, I was covered in fleas and had terribly overgrown fur and nails, until the shelter and new foster family cleaned me up!  I must say that I clean up really well!  Don’t you agree?  I am such a good girl for the groomer probably because it felt so good to get all the mats out of me and return to my soft, silky self!  I loooove being brushed and petted; I’m so soft and cuddly.  Basically, I really enjoy love and affection. I love, love, love people and haven’t met one that I don’t like.  My foster mom cannot believe that someone gave me up.

I like to play both in the house and outside.  My favorite toy is this plush, squeaky fox that I don’t mind sharing with the resident dog, who steals it from me.  He doesn’t like to play much, but I enjoy dogs my size or smaller.  The larger ones seem to intimidate me.  Oh and cats – those little creatures drive me nuts and I like to chase and bark at them, so a house with them may not be the best fit for me.  Older children are great, but the younger ones get more attention than I do and I don’t really enjoy being second in line for attention.  I enjoy the older kids petting me and I sit nicely for them. I’ve only been in my foster home a short while, and so far, the only problem I have is that I suffer a bit from seasonal allergies.

I’ve only been in my foster home a short while, and so far, the only problem I have is that I suffer a bit from seasonal allergies.  Claritin took care of that.  I don’t have any food allergies and am heartworm negative.  I had a UTI at first which has already cleared up.  I had a few accidents due to that, but I’m clearly housebroken and while puppy-like during play, I don’t chew up anything in the house.  I do suffer from a little separation anxiety which only displays itself when I do zoomies all around the yard when my foster mommy comes home!  Yipppeee, I say, it’s time to play and get loved on!

I’ll be a great addition to a home that can appreciate the needs of a sweet, playful pup, who already knows basic commands and doesn’t do any of that naughty puppy stuff! I'm heartworm negative, up to date on vaccinations, and will be spayed soon!