Hi, I’m Otis, a buff and cream colored male Cocker Spaniel with an estimated birthday of March 2008.  I’m an older guy with a story to tell; a good story, now that I’m in the hands of a wonderful foster mom.  Boy, when I first came out of the shelter to my new foster home, I didn’t know what to do.  I wasn’t familiar with the finer things in life, like soft beds, grass, water from an actual bowl and not from some puddle, indoor living, cuddling, baths, walks, and the list goes on.  I was an owner surrender from a couple that found me as a stray. They couldn’t take very good care of me, so here I’m with GCCSR.

Upon arriving at my foster home, I was covered in mats and fleas; therefore, my foster mom spent close to six hours working on getting all the tangles and knots out.  I was such a good boy for my bath and mat removal and didn’t flinch at all; well, except around my paws, but what dog isn’t sensitive about their feet???  At first, I wouldn’t walk well or for much distance, as I didn’t have much muscle mass on my legs.  I was very weak from possibly being kept on concrete much of the time, as there was also fur missing from parts of my body that indicated that along with the weakness.  Grass and soft, pillow bedding was foreign to me as well as drinking from a bowl.  In two short weeks, I am improving my walking immensely, that it is even one of my favorite things to do.  I do my potty in the yard on the grass and just adore soft beds now. 

Oh, and I LOOOOVVVEEE to cuddle.  My favorite thing, next to walks is sitting next to my person, cuddling and being loved on!  I get along with other dogs and kids, too!!!!  My foster mother cannot figure out why anybody would give me up because she said I am a total love-bug sweetheart that is easy-going and very well-behaved. I’m still not too familiar around toys – I could care less about them right now.  I would rather get a hug from my person than anything else!!! I’m heartworm negative and neutered.  I’m eating a diet of good kibble and wet food with a salmon base to improve my skin that was burned from the sun in my balding areas.  My fur is growing back, and this guy is feeling terrific!!!!!  Take a look at my pictures and you will see a sweet boy that just wants to be loved and treated with care!