Hi everybody, I’m Pixie, a sweet, petite female cocker born on 7/2/2003.  Even thought I'm 13, don’t expect a sleepy, couch potato, because; not only am I in great shape, but I love to go for loooong walks.  The best home for me would be someone who will love me and enjoy long, daily walks.  

It seems as though I was taken very good care of until I was given up.  My old family was having a baby and the husband didn’t care much for me, and I can’t figure out why.  I’m really no problem at all.  I am cute, sweet, energetic, healthy,walk well on leash, and the list goes on.

While outdoors, I love to chase the squirrels in the yard!!!!  Seeing is no problem for me, but my hearing is practically gone; so, I respond to loud claps and loud sounds, mostly.  I’m a gentle girl who is great with small children, and also other dogs as long as they respect my space and don't get too close to me when I'm around food or treats.  I haven’t been around cats, but my foster mom thinks I would just go about my own business if I encountered or lived with one.  

When it comes to my food or bones, so far I've only been protective with other dogs, allowing my humans to take my bone and pet me while I eat... .but it would probably be best to make sure a small child didn't try the same thing, just to be on the safe side. 

Did I mention that I LOVE affection and attention, and would rather have that over treats or toys any day??!  In fact, if I was the only dog, I would REALLY love that as it would help ensure I get ALL the attention you have to give.  My foster mom says that everyone who meets me, falls in love with me.  I just want to experience lots of love and companionship for my remaining years.

As I acclimate to my new foster home, I have to admit I have had have a few potty accidents.  I’ve tee teed on the rug a few times, so when you adopt me and I am getting used to all the new surroundings, a safe crate may be where I’ll have to be when you’re out and about.  I don’t particularly like the crate, so I’m going to try to fix this little habit.  Now that I'm getting the hang of things, my foster mom believes me to be mostly housetrained, as I will immediately do my business outside when she takes me there.  Just every now and then, you know... mistakes happen.  She recently took me to the vet and they detected some bacteria in my urine, so they put me on a round of antibiotics in case it was a budding UTI, and we're in hopes this will take care of the rest of the potty issues.  

I’m healthy and ready to be adopted to the right person or family. Is that you?