Hi, I'm Prince. I was surrendered to a Houston area shelter when my owner died, and the family didn't want me anymore.  By the time I got there, I was really dirty and matted all over. I had to be shaved, but my soft coat has grown back beautifully.  GCCSR's vet estimated my birthdate as 3/2011, so I've got a LOT of life and love left to give.  

I have settled in well to my foster home, and they have a lot of good things to say about me. First, I just love it when Mommy & Daddy pet and scratch me, and I like to snuggle in Daddy's lap as we watch TV.  I am known to make silly noises when I scratch my chin with my rear leg because it feels SO GOOD.  

I really enjoy playing with stuffed animals and basically anything you hold in front of me; and sometimes I'll 'explore' other soft things that are within my reach and/or appear to be a toy for me.  I enjoy horseplay with my foster dad. Playing fetch and "keep away" with the ball are also among my favorite activities, so I'd REALLY enjoy a forever home with someone who will like to play with me and keep active. I am very curious and smart, so it's important to make sure I'm entertained and exercised or I might look for things  to entertain me.... like empty water bottles (empty or full), packing materials, knick knacks you may have on shelves within my reach, etc. 

I already know how to sit if you ask me to before giving me a treat.  I am crate trained but I'm not a huge fan of it when everyone is awake, mainly because I want to be in the same room as you.  I really like attention and my human's company!  I also get along great with my foster dog-brother & sisters and love to play with them.  

Sometimes I can be a little nervous around new people, or even new objects in the house that aren't 'in their place'... all of these things are strange and intimidating to me.  At adoption events or out on walks, when I meet new people, I may bark or growl at them if they approach me too quickly because I don't know them.  But if they just offer me a treat and let me come to them, I typically warm-up to them quickly.  People at our adoption events always say I'm VERY handsome and sweet.  

Since being rescued, I have been neutered, treated for heartworms, and had both of my cherry eyes repaired. Because of this, I'll need eye drops for the rest of my life, but I'm really good about taking them.  I also had crystals in my urine which cause me to use the bathroom more frequently, so I am on a special diet and medication to help manage that condition. If I am restless or whining, it is a good sign I need to go outside, and I really appreciate being let out or walked often throughout the day.  I also have a tendency to scarf my food right now, so my fosters feed me out of a bowl that's like a puzzle to slow me down.  

As you can tell, I'm an active, silly boy looking for someone who wants to play.  If you're interested in adopting me, please submit an application today!

All My After Pictures
(photography by Robyn Arouty Photography)