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 Stephanie Collins
Chairman of the Board, President & Treasurer
A Texas native who grew up in Corpus Christi and has lived in the Houston area since 1994, Stephanie Collins is a paralegal, stock plan administrator and bookkeeper by day, and an animal lover/rescue volunteer in her 'spare time'. 

A prior 'mutt advocate' who adopted several from local shelters and has volunteered with a couple of rescue groups over the years, she had her first personal experience with a cocker spaniel at a ranch vacation in Colorado in September 2008.  Shortly thereafter, Stephanie brought her first rescued cocker spaniel into her home ~ out of a hot garage where he'd been kept isolated for 2-3 years prior ~ and despite the many issues he had at the beginning (including fear-based aggression), immediately enrolled himin group training and watched him blossom into a dog ready for his Canine Good Citizen Test and Therapy Dog Certification. Unfortunately, after this 11 month period, she came home one day to find Hunter paralyzed, and due to an issue with at least 6-7 discs in his vertebrae, surgery was not an option.  It was the loss of this dog who lit a fire under Stephanie to do more for this wonderful breed. Since then, she has welcomed two other rescued cocker spaniels into her home ~ Cooper and McDuff ~ and now is compelled to help all the others who are finding themselves homeless due to a variety of unfortunate circumstances.

Stephanie and "Cooper" AKA "Kissy Monster"

Stephanie and McDuff


Donnell Primm
Board Member, VP

An animal lover who is a country girl at heart, she has owned shelter dogs in the past but never a cocker spaniel. Her oldest daughter decided she wanted to make a difference by helping animals who didn’t have a voice. She picked cocker spaniels because she knew Donnell always wanted to own one, but it never came to be. After the first foster Coco, the family was hooked and has fostered more than 20 dogs of all ages, behavioral challenges, and health problems. The sweet faces and wagging tails are rewarding and keep Donnell spending all her free time trying to make a difference one dog at a time.

Melinda Stanley
Board Member, Secretary
Always a dog-lover, Mindi got her first cocker spaniel in 1983. Her first rescue dog, however, was a schnauzer-mix that was abandoned by her neighbors when they moved and left poor Bandit in the back yard. Since that rescue, who lived a long and happy life, Mindi has adopted 4 additional cockers and 1 other schnauzer mix. Her first adoption from GCCSR was actually “Coco,” Donnell Grantham’s first foster! He is now Max, seen on the left in this picture. Mindi and her husband both say he is the sweetest dog they have ever had. Their second GCCSR dog, Oscar, is winking at you because he just knew he would cause Mindi and her husband to become foster failures! He is truly the most entertaining family member – he makes his human parents and human brothers laugh all the time, and he has livened up Lily, his senior schnauzer mix sister. Oscar and Max are also BFFs. Mindi has been involved with GCCSR since 2010, working in various capacities, doing what she can to help save cocker lives.  



Lynette Ehmke
Board Member, Adoption Event Coordinator