Found terribly matted and turned in as a stray to a rural shelter in Louisiana, this boy had no chance of making it out alive without a rescue commitment.  With an estimated date of birth of April 2011, this boy is heartworm negative and up to date on his vaccinations. He does, however, seem to experience intermittent pain in his back end, so we will be doing xrays to get to the bottom of that. 

He's a little bit of a nervous boy and does not seem to like fast movements, so a home with no children or children over the age of 10 would be best.  He appears to have been fed from the table because he shows a lot of interest in human food, and his foster mom is working on correcting that issue.  He is house trained and will wait by the door to be allowed out, and his foster mom is working with him on using a doggie door. Sadly, if he thinks he has done something wrong, he will hide under the bed... so we're trying to give him structure, love and consistency in order to help him learn he doesn't have to be afraid.  A calm, quiet home is just what the doctor ordered for this sweet, shy boy.