Coffee's Wishes


Hello Coffee Nation and everybody else in G-C-C-S-R
Me and Bucket wanna say thanks for all you did for us this year
Now we are asking fer help for our Brudders and Sisters
So dat wecan spread some good Christmas Cheer

I made dis list that Mr. St. Nick asked me about
Fer my Brudders and Sisters, especially dat are real sick
There is a song that tells about shopping for it
We can do this in Twelve Days for Christmas really quick.

On da FIRST day one of dem needs their teeth cleaned
MS says even I need one of dem things called a Prophy.
Then on the NEXT day we need two spays or neuters
Bucket says da girls wiffout puppies are mostly cuter!!

WHF says we need THREE new wire dog crates
To use at dem events where people can come and ADOPT
Den we need FOUR $50 dollar gift cards for RAFFLE PRIZES
So da winners can go to some places dey like and shop.

On da NEXT day we need FIVE lessons wiff a trainer
So some of dem can learn how to SIT
And then we need SIX months of heartworm stuff
In case any of them go outside to potty and get bit

On day SEVEN we want new peoples to step up and FOSTER
To keep our Brudders and Sisters safe in their home
NEXT comes EIGHT trips to the groomer
Fer a coconut baff, maybe a trim & a comb

Fer dem young ones wiff energy like Me and Bucket
Send NINE of them to daycare to go and PLAY
TEN of you become MONFLY donors for $10.00 or more
There’s a BUTTON on da web page where you can go pay…..

Me and Bucket are askin’ fer ELEVEN “Special Fund” donations
To help pay fer all of the Training and Medical Bills
And so dat none of dem get bitten or itch and scratch….
Please donate TWELVE monfs of dem little flea pills.

Dis is what Me and Bucket want for Christmas
These are the presents we want this year
We’re happy fer our FIRST Christmas together
And want to spread lots of Good Cheer!!

LUB Coffee & Bucket