From: Nancy V. - Ironton, Ohio

Adopted 8 y/o chocolate cocker, Murray, from GCCSR. He is a great boy - very loving and well mannered. This organization was a pleasure to work with taking care of their rescues to ensure loving homes. Thanks!

From: Rich B. - Georgetown, Texas

We have had Mattie for over 3 years and she is the best dog ever. We have no idea of why anyone would have given her up and why she was mistreated.


From: Nancy K. - Waller, TX

GCCSR has been such a blessing to our family. When I retired 10 yrs early in 2013 to stay home and take care of my mother (Alzheimer's), I decided that I really need a dog. I am hearing impaired and having a dog inside out here in the country would make mom and I both feel more secure while my hubby is at work. My daughter found Simon, my one-eyed Spanish speaking cocker at GCCSR and we fell in love. He thinks he's a lap dog, but we won't tell him otherwise. He responds beautifully to rewards and love, and has learned a few tricks. He is very protective of me and is a sweetheart!  


From: Mary R.. – Hampton, MN

I found GCCSR on the internet when I was looking for information on Cockers. It changed my life. On the website was a little black almost hairless dog that needed a loving home. I replied that we would be happy to have her in our home but that she was to far away. Before I knew it she was in my arms and part of our family. Her name was Meadow and she had been abandoned.  She has now completed Therapy dog training and is a Canine Good Citizen.
GCCSR has become one of our family as well and has inspired us to do rescue work closer to home here in MN. We now foster and Transport, and Volunteer in any way possible. I am so grateful for the inspiration I got from GCCSR. They are and always will be my first and most important rescue. My goal is to someday actually get to meet Coffee and ms Stephanie and of course WYF and all Coffees Brudders and Sisters. Meadow has changed our lives in many ways and has been an inspiration to our family and will be forever.
Thank you Gulf Coast Cocker Spaniel Rescue and everyone that was and is involved in the wonderful work that they do.



From: Jill J. – Cincinnati, OH

We have 2 Cocker Spaniels, Tucker and Bella, both of which we adopted from Columbus Cocker Rescue in Ohio. After adoptingTucker more than 8 year's ago, we began to do home visits for placement of other Cockers in our area. About a year ago I made a home visit, and the woman interested in adopting one of CCR's fosters told me about Coffee and your rescue. I searched online and on FB and have enjoyed Coffee's and Bucket's escapades ever since.




From: Deborah G. - Quakertown, PAI've been following the delightful adventures  of Coffee and Bucket ever since I first saw them on an old friend's FB page. Such a unique and wonderful approach in the oft times sad world of animal rescue. Even though I live far from Texas,I love knowing that my purchases and donations go to help my special breed. I had Cockers for 32 years and I can still get my Cocker fix through Coffee and friends! I am including a picture of Forrest,my most recent cocker.



From: Alice T. – Olney, TX

I found your organization by a online search for cocker spaniels. I then signed up to like you on Facebook etc. I fell in love with the great stories from the dogs. I had a very sweet, loving, gentle, and scared of all new people and all men cocker spaniel named Jake.  It all started because I had volunteered at my Vets office some on and off. She mentioned the Brown County Humane Society was having Paws in the Park to raise money & try to get some adopted. We had 2 dogs already rescues that or daughters had done. So we get there and there is Jake a very pretty white with a few blonde markings. He was 1 year old. Not thinking anything but looking at his eyes and how beautiful he was. He was the first thing I saw. I had always wanted a cocker but could never afford to but one. I pet him & asked if I could walk him. Dad & walked him around. He was great on the leash. I stopped and bent down to him; he started kissing all over me. The workers called out watch it, get up he bites because he is scared, he even kissed on my dad. I asked how much longer they were keeping him. She said he is being put down tomorrow because he bites and nips. I could not let that happen and he was not what they said.  That is how our love story began. He was so very loved. The only two men that Jake never did ever bark and run away from was my dad and hubby. On September 9, 2011 Jake passed away here at home with me at his side. Hubby & I wrapped him in his favorite blanket and his toy stuffed dog and took him to the vet to get cremated. When I know where we will be living for sure our last years or days, I will put them with me. We will met again at the rainbow bridge.



From: Ann D. – Marion, IN

I've always loved cocker spaniels. I came across Gulf Coast Cocker Rescue after a search online and fell in love with Coffee's story. I got my first one in 1989 and he was with us until 2001. My dad used to "dog sit" for us and would take him on walks, so when my dad passed away in 2002 we had his cremated remains buried with my dad in his coffin. In 2004 I got my next cocker from a local couple in Iowa. Murphy is sable colored and the "mature" one. He thinks all toys are HIS and doesn't like it when his siblings play with them, although he does let them and sits by until they are done and then grabs it! In 2005 we got Gilbert from Shorewood Cocker Rescue in Wisconsin. He was a red merle and was found as a stray. He was the "clown". Sadly, we lost him last year to cirrhosis of the liver. In 2008 we found Abby through Cocker Spaniel Resources in Hudson, Wisconsin. She is such a precious little girl. She was a puppy mill rescue and had never set foot on grass, and is still scared of strangers and loud noises. Abby is black with white on her chest. In 2008 we packed up the gang and moved to Indiana. In 2009 Jewels and Tye joined our family.  Jewels was an owner surrender and we went to Kentucky to get her. She's the black/white speckled one. Tye is a chocolate brown and was a puppy mill rescue out of Missouri and we adopted him through Columbus Cocker Rescue in Ohio. In 2011 Molly joined our gang and about 1 month later she blessed us with 6 puppies. What a surprise! Auglaize County Humane Society in Ohio didn't know she was expecting when we adopted her. She had been picked up as a stray and unclaimed. Molly is a tri-color and was a wonderful mother, but is now "retired" from motherhood. Last, but not least is Sam. Sam joined us in 2012 and came from St. Joseph County Animal Control in Michigan. He is cream and tan. People that turn in their dogs because they work and say they don't have time for them...it's just an excuse. I work and I "make" time for all my fur babies. They're happy, well fed and have all the love I can give them...and they're just a "little" bit spoiled!



From: Jan B. – Napa, CA

I became aware of Gulf Coast Cocker Spaniel Rescue quite awhile ago. I am a member of the Zim Cocker Spaniel Forum and I started reading these wonderful stories that TerryinTexas was posting on there, and about the wonderful Gulf Coast Cocker Spaniel Rescue that he was talking about. I love reading Terry's narratives, as he really has a way with words. That is what led me to your wonderful Rescue, and it has just evolved for me. I think what you do is amazing, and I cannot ever thank you enough for Coffee. I am proudly a part of Coffee Nation, and he is a prime example of what a lot of love and prayers and fantastic medical care can do. I love all of you, and I am so proud to be a small little part of GCCSR, even though I live in northern California. I have a beautiful cocker spaniel named Ginger, that was a rehome from a wonderful lady here in CA. She was 3 when we found each other. She has some serious fear issues, that we believe to be genetic, but has come a long way, and I love her so much. She will be 8 yrs old on Feb 14th. My little valentine!!! I have physical challenges, but we work it out. I am just so happy to have become aware of this wonderful rescue and all the wonderful people that are involved with it and in it. Coffee and Bucket have made me smile when nothing else could!! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the work you do for these angels. SO many have homes now because of you. Ginger and I love all of you!!!!



From: Flossie J.–  Homer City, PA

I love cocker spaniels, used to breed them.  When I first joined facebook, would search for any pages "cocker spaniel" and found GCCSR's page.  It really opened my eyes that we need less breeders and more rescuers.  Not knowing of any local cocker spaniel rescues in my neck of the woods, I quickly became more and more impressed and "in love" with the work that GCCSR does.  They truly have a love for the work and do a stupendous job.  I only wish I lived in Texas to give more "hands on" help to the group!  Their work gave me the incentive to reach out and help a family who moved out of state and were unable to take their 2 cockers with them because they had to rent until their home back here is sold and they can buy.  They are living on a month-to-month lease in a rental that does not allow pets in hopes that they soon can get their 2 babies back with them.  In the meantime, I have been so fortunate to enjoy taking care of these 2 precious babies.  I will miss them dearly when they go, but will be so happy for their family to have them back with them as I know they are missed.



From: Sharon B. –  Houston, TX

I was at a major change point in my life when I first learned of the group. I had just gotten divorced after 13 years and moved back to Houston with my sweet dog Emma and was looking for a friend for her and a way to get involved in the community.  The dog I had set my sights on dead no longer available, but thank goodness!! Had that worked out, I'm not sure I would have encountered dear Peanut and the 8 others I fostered over the year. This group of wonderful, compassionate, kindred people have become such an important and integral part of my life that I'm not sure how I ever lived without GCCSR!!!!  Some days are a challenge with 4 dogs, but the blessings and joy FAR outweigh the trouble and for that I am so grateful!!!   May God continue to bless this organization with volunteers and supporters with hearts filled with love and compassion and bless the dogs who so desperately need us to cross our paths so we can help them to have the lives they deserve, even if it is in the sunset of their life. -All dogs deserve love and for someone to be their voice when they have none.  GOD BLESS GCCSR!!!!!




From: Becky F. – Clinton, NY


I have 3 seniors from Abandoned Angels, Bucky, Buddy and Darby. All of them are over 10 and were "death row" dogs. Like MS I decided they were worth keeping and have "lubbed" them back to health! They are not the most beautiful cockers ever, but they are my heroes because of what they survived!





From: Arlena M. – Richmond, VA


I found GCCSR through facebook when Coffee was so sick and I started following his story and I would come on Facebook just to see if there was an update. I was trilled when he recovered and inow he is doing so well. I am so glad that mamma S and WHF adopted him and have giving him so much love. I just wish every dog had the same outcome.  I am also so happy that there is good people out there who care and do so much for these animals who trust humans and deserve so much more then most humans give back to them. God Bless you for all you do on their behalf.


From: Michelle R. – Houston, TX

Let's see if can remember how I found GCCSR and Coffee.... my boy Owen rescued me back on July 25,2009 after losing my last cocker Sophie on June 25, 2009 lost Oscar another cocker a few months before. I must say after having cockers for over 20 plus years in my life Owen has been the best, (I shouldn't say that now that I have been rescued by another cocker a couple weeks ago)..anyway I think I came about GCCSR when I went to a dog show in Houston and saw there was another cocker rescue in Houston ( I am a sucker for cockers- wiggle butts)I think I remember getting kisses from a handsome boy called Cooper in a kissing booth. Sure did enjoy those kisses.. They were a dollar a kiss but cooper couldn't give just one kiss so I paid 5 dollars upfront for his kisses, lol. This was my first experience with GCCSR. Then I found you on Facebook, and when Coffee showed up there with his swollen paws that looked twice the size of my hands and his neck that looked like a brain he just tugged at my heart as I am sure his has done to everyone. I started following GCCSR to see how coffee was doing and to read everything about him. GCCSR and Coffee lights up my days. The first thing I do daily is take my wiggle butts for a morning walk then we jump in car to go to the dog park, (yes my kids are spoiled) then we come home and jump on Facebook to see what Coffee and Bucket are doing today. What they have come up with this time to help their rescue brudders and sisters, it always amazes me the ideas they come up with... And yes I have started drinking coffee and wine now... I also had a friend that lost her cocker Ely girl this past summer in 2012 and she wasn't sure about adopting again but with many text going back and forth she looked on GCCSR and saw Bentley now known as Luca... At first she wouldn't tell me who she wanted to adopt but I figured it out and thought I was great and kept telling her to go for it that her Ely girl would be proud if she rescued again... And then i got to watch the road trip from Texas to North Carolina where she would pick up her new furbaby, (they drove down from Maryland to get him)Luca aka Bentley needed surgery to get his sight back and with GCCSR’s help Luca can run and play with all the toys my boys (Owen and Buster) mil to him. Oh I keep running on and on... But I must say that GCCSR has a special place in my heart, they take in the ones no one wants and the ones that people say are to old and or to sick. GCCSR gives them all a chance and that I am so thankful for. Every time we go to a dog show at reliant or other dog events like pet fest we go check out and support GCCSR and we support the other groups too cause all the wiggle butts deserve it. But GCCSR and Coffee and Bucket bring a smile to my face daily and add warmth to my heart. Love you guys keep up the great work and see you at the next event  


From: Grace C. – Sugar Land, TX

I found GCCSR when I was searching for a rescue to adopt another furry friend to my family of 2 Beagles and 2 cats. I learned about their mission to save the seniors, the behaviorally challenged, and the sick ones from shelters, and I absolutely connected to their mission. They helped people see the beauty and the joy in the senior rescues who deserve a loving, forever family just as much as the next pup. Since then, I have had the opportunity to meet some of the people involved with the rescue, and they are a bunch of genuinely caring, friendly, and awesome people. I credit them to keep me wanting to do more to assist in all the things they want to accomplish with their work in the rescue.




From: Judy J. – Sparks, NV

I just happened to find you on Facebook. I really enjoy the antics of Coffee & Bucket & it makes me smile & laugh every day. I love my dogs past & present than most people. They are my forever "fur children". Thank you for all you do. All dogs are so precious & deserve to be loved & cared for!




From: Kim G. – London, KY

I found you guys thru Tugg, the bull terrier. I just love following Bucket and Coffee through their daily pupventures. MS and WHF do a wonderful job for these little fur people. I have a cocker and a terrier who are both rescues, so I guess I feel a kindred spirit with anyone who helps in the cause of rescue. Keep up the good work!!


From: Karen W. – Fort Saskatchewan - Alberta, AK CAN

We became involved with GCCSR because of meeting Cali who was being fostered by a friend (Kelly L.). We already had a blind rescued cocker and had been thinking of getting another dog to keep her company and were waiting for the right dog to find us, as Taffy did. Cali has blended into our family and been with us for a year and a bit. She has survived yet another move as we have relocated but since her "pack" has remained the same she has adjusted to her new location quite well. She still has some allergy issues but we have been able to keep her relatively healthy. I have always been very impressed with the professional operation of GCCSR and how energetically business is conducted saving and finding homes for the dogs they encounter. The positive attitude, in spite of all the setbacks, inspires everyone. Finding new ways for fundraising, that are fun, keep people motivated and interested. This requires dedication and positive energy as well. Keep up the good work....we will continue to help when we can.


From: Sherrie S. – West Milton, OH

I was searching FaceBook one day for Cocker Spaniels and came across GCCSR. I was so amazed at the work this group was accomplishing for these fur-babies and of course for Coffee. I have watched him go from a very ill pup to the picture of health during the time I have participated, I've also seen loving homes found for other Cockers who would have been destroyed had GCCSR not stepped up. I count myself lucky to be part of a group who has such dedication to this breed. Thanks for all you do!


From: Maryann O. – San Mateo, CA

Many thanks to Coffee and his Moms for inviting comments on what it means to support GCCSR. Last year was a particularly difficult time at work for me (and others, too, since we were dealing with someone with serious psychological problems), and while I was a pretty regular user of Facebook, and wasn't connected or attracted to any organization. I can thank Anne C. for her daily postings about some Cocker named "Coffee." I thought it was clever how she would write about this dog: "Your morning Coffee," so I began to look forward to her postings. And then I decided to check out his FB page (GCCSR) myself and I was hooked. His story lifted me out of the blues, and his courage helped me to stay strong. His cause became my cause and the cause of so many others as well. Up to that point, I was making charitable contributions to lots of other rescue organizations, but decided to focus my support on GCCSR. I still support some local groups, but Coffee's group is my #1. Much credit and thanks needs to be given to Stephanie and Rhonda for their relentless advocacy for Coffee. During the time leading up to his surgeries, during the surgery, and during the post-surgery time I couldn't check FB enough, hoping and praying that Coffee was doing OK. Stephanie and Rhonda made Coffee's fight our fight, too, by bringing so many of us into the circle of caring and love. Thank you for that. You're right: DOING TOGETHER WHAT WE CANNOT DO ALONE.


From: Peggy L. – Farmingdale, NY

I chose GCCSR rescue because of something I saw on Facebook. I love all dog, but especially Cocker Spaniels as we have 2 currently. My first dog ever was Candy. We got her after we were married a year. I always wanted a dog and fell in love with her. She was only with us for 11 years. We lost her in 2009 due to lymphoma in spite of a valiant battle with chemo (we did have her 1 year and a half from the start of chemo, for which I am forever grateful!). She was, and will always be, my baby girlie. We got Robbi as a companion for her, Robbi adored her yet she couldn't really have cared if he was with us or not. Last year we adopted Beau from the same breeder Robbi came from (he was a former champion show dog whom the breeder was looking to place in a loving home). Beau has wiggled his way into my heart, a place I didn't know was empty. Robbi is the light of my life and so is Mr. Beau. I am so proud of Coffee Nation, MS, WHF, Coffee, Bucket and all the others of GCCSR for what they all do together, changing the entire life of one dog at a time. MS and WHF are so special for what they do day in and day out. Thank you for letting me be a part of Coffee Nation! Coffee's and Bucket's calendar is proudly displayed in our kitchen! Here is a photo of my boys!


From: Andrea V.M. – Mansfield, MA

Well, I was definitely looking to adopt. I currently have a Cocker Spaniel and love the breed, so I was looking to add another one. I think I must have done a Country-wide search and found you on the Internet or it was through Facebook -- I really forget! I ended up adopting a rescue from my vet -- a non-cocker, but a lovebug just the same. So, now I have my Duncan, the Cocker Spaniel that I had since he was a puppy and is now 9 years old, and Miss Luna from Louisianna -- a rescue that was in a foster home in my area, my vet told me about her. She is just a tiny 11 lb. Rat Terrier/Italian Greyhound mix. Someday, I will definitely add a Cocker to my family and it will hopefully be from GCCSR. Just wish we weren't so many miles away! However, the miles don't keep us too far apart thanks to Facebook. I so look forward to Coffee and Bucket adventures and stories. That was the part that really got to my heart & hooked me. I started following you on FB about a year ago and that was when Coffee was first rescued and had so many health issues. It was too hard to resist not logging in every day to see his progress. He is such a fantastic dog and I am so glad you all gave him a chance. What a love. Can you imagine not giving this boy a chance. Look at how far he has come. His calendar is proudly displayed on my refridgerator, which happens to be right next to my coffee maker. So, I see that sweet face every morning when I make my "coffee"! Love you all! A wonderful group of people and dogs! So happy to be part of Coffee Nation!!!


From: Becky F. – Bedford, NH

I'm not exactly sure when I came across the story of Coffee but it was shortly after he found his way to GCCSR. In September 2011 I lost my sweet little Buffy to heart disease. Then in January 2012 I lost Cindy. Cindy was 17 years old and so gentle. In November 2012 I lost Samantha to cancer. I missed them all so much. Through Coffee and his followers I was able to work through the pain of loosing three very close 'friends' in such a short time. Watching and being part of a group of people that have come together to help a little cocker spaniel through pain and illness was healing for me. Coffee showed such strength through it all. And the love that Stephanie and Rhonda gave to this little fellow was heartwarming. Then along came Bucket who just added to the antics with Coffee. I have laughed at these two and the shenanigans they get themselves into. I thank Stephanie, Rhonda and all of GCCSR for saving these wonderful little cockers and allowing us, Coffee Nation, to be part of their lives.




From: Lynn B. B. – Dumont, NJ

I found GCCSR through a Facebook friend. When I first saw Coffee and Bucket I was hooked. (I have a special place in my heart for Cockers as I have 3 of my own.) Their posts and pictures with WHF, MS, FLD and others make me smile everyday and I look forward to reading them. I really admire the work that GCCSR does and I wish I wasn't so far away. I try to help by sharing posts in hope of helping find homes. I am so happy that I found Coffee Nation and can be a small part of it. I wish there wasn't a need for animal rescues at all, but since there is, GCCSR is there to help those in need. Thank you GCCSR, Coffee, Bucket, FLD, WHF, MS and everyone else for all you do. You are the best! ~Lynn



From: Edith C. – Carson City, NV

I really don't know how we found you -- I think you found us. I just started using Facebook this year -- suddenly one day Coffee popped up on my page. It was love at first sight and we've followed Coffee's exploits ever since. It was meant to be -- lub you Coffee -- and Bucket -- et al!


From: Terry L. – Winton , CA

I don’t even remember how I found out about GCCSR, I just know that I fell in love first with Coffee and then Bucket and with every thing that GCCSR stands for, great bunch of caring people should say angels, I love Cocker Spaniels. my first was a stray that was very abused and now I have 7 of them, my  kids are raised except that we have adopted our grandson who is now 16 and so these are our 4 legged kids and that is how they live, since I live so far from Texas all I have been able to do is donate when I can, wish I was closer so that I could play a more active part! Love GCCSR


From: Mimi M. J. – Moriches , NY

I saw your posts on a friend's page and loved your stories and what you were doing!


From: Patricia M. C. – Canton , MA

While looking on FB one day I saw stories about your rescue. I think it was a dog named Chance that caught my. I think I donated under my husbands name George Comeau to his care. I lub what you guys do. XO Woof


From: Julie S. – Wilmington , NC

Hi Coffee, My little cocker spaniel rescues led me to you and your group.  I have 4 little buddies here....Rosey, Charley, Roxy and Georgia who are just like you.  Needed to be rescued.  Georgia is deaf and blind so she needed extra special lovin.  But we love you and love to hear your stories.  And I want some of that Coffee of yours soon.  We love you here in North Carolina.  Soon to be Virginia.


From: Lorraine U. – Ambler , PA

I have a Cocker Spaniel named Buffy who I adore and was looking on facebook for Cocker Spaniel Rescues.  GCCSR and Sir Coffee caught my eye and Buffy and I liked them right away and love their antics and their kindness and helping others that we help whenever we can and spread the word about them.


From: Ginger M. – Charlotte , NC

I started following Gulf Coast Cocker Spaniel Rescue I guess when they had just started, however it was not on a regular basis. I did start following when Coffee came to the rescue and his story started growing, now if I don't see a post from Coffee daily I go seek it out , Coffee is a must have for me and no I don't drink the Coffee I look forward to his daily updates. I lub you Coffee!