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Molly was a GCCSR rescue, but only for a short time. When we got her she was in bad condition and fighting an uphill battle. Unbeknownst to us, not only was she dealing with end-stage kidney disease, but she had pneumonia, and possibly paraninfluenza, canine flu or distemper. GCCSR did everything we could for her in the short time we had her to help her turn the corner towards recovery, but this sweet girl just wasn't strong enough.  We are thankful her last days were here with us where she felt loved and not in a shelter. GCCSR does not discriminate based on health status, behavior status, or AGE...we often open our doors to the OLD and SICK and TROUBLED when other rescues will pass them up for the younger, more “adoptable” dogs.

As you may know, GCCSR helped rescue an old, buff cocker in Arlington that had been thrown out like someone's trash.... an 8-9 year old with ear problems, had been shot in the might know him better as Rusty or as Coffee's "Little Brudder" BUCKET...... Molly looked a lot like Rusty, so much that she earned the nickname "Buckette" because of it. She meant a lot to us in a short amount of time. So we ask, what can be done to honor her and all the old, sick, throw-aways like her that owners decide they no longer want?? You see - we don't know how long we have them for - 3 days, 3 weeks, months....years.  Just because one is 8 doesn't mean he/she will die before a 4 year old.....Age is a number, even for dogs. So I challenge you to open your hearts to an old, wise, settled dog that has nothing but love and gratitude to give.

If not for your support, we could not do the things we do. We couldn't give these dogs a second chance at a happily ever after that they deserve. These "old guys" deserve to live out their days with us give that to them in Molly's HONOR. 

Services for Seniors 

 The Molly Fund is aligned with our Services for Seniors Program which GCCSR began earlier in 2012 when we sought funding through a grant application to specifically help senior cocker spaniels (age 7+). GCCSR is often contacted by families wanting to get rid of senior cockers for various reasons - medical costs, death of a family member, a change in living arrangements, etc. These dogs are also surrendered to local area shelters on a very frequent basis. While the average cost of vetting these seniors who have often gone years without the proper vet care is exponentially higher than our standard adoption fee of $200, we work hard to raise the money needed to provide these dogs what they deserve in the way of care after they have given nothing but unconditional love to their 'family' their entire life. Once vetted, we work diligently to find a good match for them in a forever home, carefully screening each and every application we receive. If you believe in our mission, please support it through your contribution to the Molly Fund.