Hi, I'm Eleanor, a senior female with an estimated date of birth of August 2008 who was found in a suburb of Houston by a good samaritan. I was in pretty rough shape, matted terribly and with toenails so overgrown that all were curled completely around. One had even grown into the pad on my toe, but thankfully, they had me shaved and cut my nails, which although painful, helped me start on the road to recovery.  The good samaritan and local animal shelter tried to find my owners, but then reached out to GCCSR for help. I'm so thankful that a foster home welcomed me into their home.

Everyone who meets me describes me as 'sweet as they come, without a care in the world' and 'absolutely amazing'.  After my first really good night's sleep in a LONG time, I immediately started to learn the lay of the land at my new foster home, and fit into the beagle and cocker pack without any issue at all.  My foster mom said I've been a 'breeze to transition', reporting that I sleep a lot of the day, but also follow everyone around the house as best as I can.  Because of my lack of sight and hearing, I often follow my nose! I can sniff out the best food in the house in fact. You will often times find me sitting next to whomever has the best smelling meal. I will happily sit there until you share a bit. I'm a very patient girl who will do her cute little dance to get your attention. 

Despite the fact I'm blind, I am potty trained and haven't had any accidents inside provided I'm taken outside. Due to my limited sight, I do need help around the house. I still bump into things from time to time, so particularly when outside for my short walks, I do need guidance. I enjoy being outside smelling the fresh air, and I am slowly adding more steps to my daily routine! I am also very trustworthy! I get free range of the house when my foster mom is off at work. I haven't cause any trouble at all. I mostly just find a warm little nook to catch some Z's. 

I'm blind and hard of hearing, but the good news is that I'm heartworm negative, spayed, microchipped and up to date on vaccinations. Like many cocker spaniels, I have dry eye so will require daily drops. I also had crystals in my urine, so they put me on an over the counter Science Diet formula. My recheck in April 2020 showed I'm responding well to the diet, so I will need to remain on that, or something formulated like it for the rest of my life to keep that condition under control. Left untreated, it could lead to a lot of pain and kidney stones, and we certainly don't want that! I also had a malignant melanoma removed from my mouth in March 2020. My vet and the rescue have decided to take a conservative approach because I'm not symptomatic and there is no evidence of spread. They'll be sure to keep a close eye on my health and figure out the best course of action as we go. All of this said, I can happily report I am still living my best life, and I get the royal treatment 24/7. Get ready to fall in love!