Hi, my name is Hailey. I was adopted in 2017 from the city shelter by a nice family, but then they had to move and couldn't take me with them, so they dropped me back off at the shelter. Even though I'm a blind, senior girl with an estimated date of birth of March 2009, everyone loved me at the shelter, made it a point to take me to an adoption event even though I'm not the 'typical' dog someone seeks out, and reached out to a lot of rescues to swoop in and save me. Thankfully, GCCSR had a spot in their program just for me.

My foster mom describes me as a snuggle bug who likes to sit with my family members and be very close. I'm very curious about my surroundings and I do well navigating if my foster mom and dad snap or pat their legs so I can hear them and follow the noise. They were surprised how quickly I learned the lay of the land~what can I say? I'm a rock star!! I'm very good about letting you know I need to go outside to potty; I will cry or paw at you to let you know so you can take me out. There is a pool in my backyard, so I have to be walked on a leash as I still seem to head straight for the pool every time I'm out there.

I started off staying in a crate when my foster parents weren't home (for my own safety), and now that I know my way around the house a little better, they oftentimes keep me gated in the kitchen/family room area. I live with another cocker who doesn't appreciate me getting too close to his toys (I can't see them and I don't even want them), so that's another reason they kept me safely away from him when we weren't supervised. Thankfully, my mom is home most of the time with me, so she's always keeping a close eye on me, making sure I'm safe, letting me out to potty when I need to, and staying on top of my brother when he's mean to me.

Originally, I really didn't like to be crated overnight, as I preferred being near my people. My foster mom started letting me sleep in the bed with her, else I barked and cried all night long. While at the beginning, they kept a leash on me to make sure I didn't fall off the bed, now they have steps for me, and I know how to find and use them to get down if I want to. Also, now that I'm feeling more secure i my surrounding, sometimes I'll find my way to the living room sofa with my favorite snuggly blanket and spend the rest of the night there.

I'm friendly to all people, although I got a little anxious and snippy at my first vet visit when there was a big, scary dog in the room next to me. He was being really loud and it made me nervous, so I was a little reactive.  I am the same way if my brother gets in my face about his toys, but as long as I'm not feeding off of negative energy from another dog, everyone talks about what a sweet, good girl I am. 

Speaking of the vet, after spending thousands in testing and ruling out many things, I was diagnosed in Fall 2019 with chronic pancreatitis and irritable bowel syndrome. As a result, I'm on metoclopramide (reglan) and Hills Science Diet Prescription ZD food. That was working well for me, but then in early 2020, my foster mom realized I was drinking more water than usual and urinating more frequently~I couldn't even sleep through the night anymore without asking her to let me out, and if she didn't get up with me, I'd potty inside, which I *really* didn't like to do. More testing confirmed that I also have cushings disease, and we're in the process of getting my trilostane dosage worked out. It seems to be making a big difference for me, hopefully this new regimen will keep me stable for some time to come. 

Despite the health issues I have, I'm a WONDERFUL girl who will undoubtedly capture your heart. If I've caught your eye and you'd like to meet me, please submit an application today

Please submit an application if I've caught your eye and you'd like to meet me!