Hi, everyone!! My name is Hayes, and my estimated birth date is August 2019.  They call me an 'honorary' cocker here at GCCSR because they said they'd help me before they saw a photo... only to later find out I probably don't have any cocker spaniel in me at all.  I'm still adorable, though, and I need a home, so I'm thankful they stepped up to help me find one!! 

As far as a normal day for me, I usually wake up in the morning and go right outside to potty. Then I come inside, eat some breakfast and have some water. About 30-45 minutes later, I go on a walk or go back outside.  I spend my day playing with Macy (my 4-legged foster sister who is 4), and Stella (who is 17, but she really just ignores me), and playing fetch inside and chasing each other. I love all the toys they have here and I usually carry one around with me. I am not destructive with them; I just like to have something with me. Any time my foster mom leaves the house, she puts me into the crate and I wait there until she gets back.  I've come to learn the crate is my quiet space and if the blanket gets put down, then it is nap time.

As far as other dogs, I've never met a stranger, and while I love a fun game of chase, I'll also back off and leave them alone if they are grumpy like Stella.  I am also very adaptable, and I tend to pick up on the energy of the situations I'm in. If you're ready to sit down and watch TV, so am I, and I will oftentimes rest my head on your lap.  I'm a snuggler who loves to sleep in bed and cuddle with my foster mom. She said if I jump off the bed while you are still asleep, then it means I need to go outside, but don't worry because once I've gone potty, I will jump right back in bed to go to sleep.

My foster mom boasts that I'm potty and crate trained, and says that I have A LOT of energy!!  I have longer hair, been told it feels like silk and great news -  I do not shed.  I am fine with taking a bath and will just stand there while you get me cleaned up.  I am pretty okay with most things except when I hear a strange noise outside or in the house, in which case I will bark because I'm scared and I'm letting you know to be on guard!  If you talk sweetly to me, pet me and tell me everything's okay, I calm down quickly.  Also, sometimes when I meet new people, I might initially growl or bark at them. I just need a little time to warm up to strangers, and it helps me a lot if they let me approach them on my own terms.  After living on the streets for the first 1.5 years of my life, I'm initially cautious around new people, but I do warm up relatively quickly. The folks at GCCSR suspect that as I settle into my new home and gain confidence, these behaviors will improve, but I need someone who will be patient with me, reassure me and give me time to settle in to my new life. 

My foster mom is also working with me on my manners. I get so excited that sometimes I will jump up on people,  but as soon as my foster mom says NO, I stop.  There have been a few times that if food was left on the coffee table, I helped myself to it. That got me into a little trouble too, but I am getting better.

I'm up to date on vaccinations, heartworm negative, neutered and microchipped, and can't wait to find my forever home!!  I'm a fun loving, adaptable little fellow who would be okay being the only dog because that means I'd get all of your attention. However, I love to play, so if you have another dog who wants to play chase, that would be super awesome too!  If I sound like I might be a good match for your family, please submit an adoption application today!