Hey everybody! The name is Kirby. I am 8-9 year old boy hailing from Louisiana. GCCSR took me in November 2014, and due to unforeseen circumstances, I had to be returned to the rescue. Luck was on my side, and my former foster mommy opened her home to me once again! Yippee!


Okay, let’s recap on me and my personality. I live in a foster home with other dogs (Cocker Spaniels and Beagles), and I get along with them just fine. I much prefer the older dogs in the home as the youngin’ loves to play and I much prefer if she stayed out of my space. I have kitty cat friends here, too. I get along with them. I leave them alone for the most part. We don’t really mind each other.


I am a very happy boy. I have a lot of love to give, and I will shell out kisses to special people, too. I enjoy the company of humans. I follow my favorite people around the house. When I am really happy, I will roll over to kindly ask for some rubs of love on my belly. I love going for walks with my humans. It’s a lot of fun to smell and get outside for a little bit. In between the walks, I really do love my naps. As long as my humans are in the same room, I will gladly sleep away. 


I am up to date on all my vaccinations, and I am neutered. I have a partially collapsed trachea and have recently been diagnosed with a chronic bronchial condition which requires a twice daily bronchial dilator to keep me from coughing. I hear another senior dog in the program was diagnosed with the same issue, but lived for another 5 years after his diagnosis given the help of the medication.  I also have hip dysplasia and some pain in my back, so I'm on a joint care supplement and a NSAID called Galiprant for that. These are all meds I'll need to take the rest of my life to help manage my pain and maintain my mobility and quality of life.

No matter my health issues, I'm a happy guy who loves my family, and would make a wonderful companion to you. Don't be afraid to drop an e-mail if you are interested in meeting me or would like to learn more about me!