Hi, I'm Lucky, and my name says it all.  I was in a shelter in Louisiana before GCCSR pulled me into a foster home, where I am just loving life.  With an estimated date of birth of April 2009, I'm a fluffy, chubby monkey who loooooves to eat. I'm ashamed to say I was tipping the scales a bit at 47 pounds, but my vet and foster mom put me on a prescription diet and I'm currently down to 38 pounds. The doctor said I need to lose a few more pounds, so my diet and exercise program continues.  Bleh.  I'd rather play with my soft, squeaky toys, and roam the kitchen (my favorite room in the house) in hopes for a tidbit or two or three of food and lounge on the couch! It's a good idea to keep your trash out of reach from me, or you might find me digging in it from time to time!

I get along well with other dogs and currently live with both an old dog and a spunky puppy at my foster home.  That pesky puppy tries to steal MY toys (which I always carry around with me), and I will not let that happen.  Good thing I arrived here because I am sort of training that puppy to stay in line.  The little munchkin gets me to chase her, and I will for just a short distance.  Wait until I get some weight off and I'll be running marathons around that peanut!  Regarding human children, I pretty much ignore them unless they are eating something yummy, then I'm sure to hang out next to them in hopes something will fall my way.

As you can see from my photos, I am a cutie pie with a beautiful mop of fur, and oh, all my curls and waves!  I'm super good for grooming because I do need to look and feel my best.  I was first brought into the shelter with fleas and a horrible ear infection.  The fleas are gone, and my ears are clearing up nicely, but I'm still a little sensitive when my foster mom cleans them. My foster mom also noticed that when I was heavier, my back end seemed weak. My doctor took xrays and found nothing of concern, but it's best to keep my weight down so I can get around better.  That said, I'll do best in a calm home that doesn't expect me to get off the couch and exercise a whole lot.  I also can't climb or jump up on a couch by myself, so if you want me to sit by you, I'd appreciate a lift!!

If you're in the market for a little couch potato, who is adorable and laid back, I'm the guy for you!! You'll be my favorite person in the whole wide world if we can work on getting me lots of snacks, naps, soft squeaky toys, and love!  Please submit an application today so we can meet!