pocketshots FAQ 

1. How much does it cost? How much goes to charity?

It costs $50 & $25 for each additional 2-legged or 4-legged child. $25 of the sitting fee goes to the rescue/organization.

2. When is my payment due? Do I need a paypal account?

Payments are due at least one week prior to event to hold your slot. You can mail a check to the studio address or "send money" via paypal. It is not necessary to have a paypal account...you can pay with your credit card.

3. How should I prepare for my shoot?

Please work on SIT & STAY with your dog(s). Reward their good work with lots of treats. This will help the process tremendously...but if they don't quite get it, no worries...my assistant is the bomb!

4. What should I wear?

Solid bright/dark colored tops are best. Stay away from white/beige/pastel colors. Accessories like chunky jewelry, hats & scarves are fun. Wear a little more makeup than you normally would. Bring your favorite shoes or boots for those feet shots!

5. Do I need to bring accessories for my dog(s)?

Dogs will be naked without a collar for the shoot. You may bring accessories for them, but they are not required.

6. Do I need to bring treats?

We have natural treats here...but, by all means, bring their favorite treats if you like.

7. How much do prints cost?

Special POCKETSHOTS print packages range from $75-$225, with the option to buy a la carte, as well as other products available.

8. Where is your studio?

We are located off Washington Avenue, not far from the Salvation Army Store. The address is 514 Henderson Street Houston, TX 77007. My cell is 281.731.2129.

9. Do you have a waiting room?

We do not have a waiting room. We will come outside to get you for your appointment. Please do not knock on the door, as this is disruptive to our current session.

10. Do you charge for more than one person?

Additional adults are no charge. Children are $25 for each additional.

11. How many outfits/pairs of shoes should I bring?

We are limited on time. Most clients come prepared wearing what they will shoot in. If you want to bring extra clothing or shoes, feel free to do so, but please leave your suitcase at home!

12. How long will it take to see my proofs?

In approximately one week from the shoot, I will email you a link to your private online viewing gallery with a password.

13. When is the next pocketshots event?

All scheduled events are listed on the website above the FAQ's.

14. Will there be any other dogs there during my shoot?


15. How many dogs can I bring?

Up to 4 per 30 minute session. Feel free to book back to back slots if you have more than 4 dogs.

16. I don't have a dog. Can I bring my cat?