Hi, friends. My name is Sully, I am a sweet boy with an estimated birthdate of January 2008. I am a fairly healthy boy. I came into the rescue testing positive for Heartworms, but I have completed my heartworm treatment. Per the doctor’s orders, I am able to resume my regular activities! Hip hip hooray! I have cataracts, and I have been seeing rescue's eye specialist regularly.  We will be discussing which path we will take with my cataracts in the coming months. It looks promising I may be eligible for cataract surgery in my left eye, but only time will tell, and we will discuss options with my eye doc!

I certainly don't let the vision issues keep me from living a regular dog's life. I live it up! Like Superman, I have my kryptonite, and yep, you are right if you guessed squeaky toys! My foster mum spoils me. She goes on the hunt for the best squeakers for me when she goes shopping for toys. Aren't I lucky?!! Though estimated to be 8, my foster mum says I behave much younger. I am a busy body at home. I am always on the move. Unless it is bedtime, I am rarely seen taking a nap. Always exploring, and I have a natch of finding mischief. You will not have a dull day with me.

In my foster home, I have three doggie brothers, and we get along just fine.  I also have kitty brothers, and though I mean no harm, I do chase them around the house. I am slowly learning they do not like to be chased, so it is certainly a work in progress. 

When I am not curiously wandering about the house, I love my daily walks. I love enjoying the new smells and sounds around me. Due to my vision, I do appreciate caution when introducing me to new dogs. I have not had any issue meeting new dogs similiar to my size, but my foster mom did note I did not do well when meeting puppies or big dogs. She will work on introduction with me, and hopefully, with time, I will improve. It is also should be noted that you should be careful during feeding time and water breaks. I do not care for it when other dogs stick their heads into the same dish as me.

I am slowly learning basic commands. I am working on sit, and my foster mum will continue to work with me as she learns how to teach me due to my vision. I walk very nicely on the leash. I just need some direction sometimes so I don't bump into things. My foster mum has been taking me on many trail hikes, and I have done exceptionally well. I love them!

It should be noted I am not much of a cuddler, but I don't mind getting picked up for a snuggle. I just don't stay long. I also do enjoy the loving butt scratches. I wiggle my little bottom for you as a sign I am enjoying this sign of affection. I'm such a silly boy, aren't I?!!

Since you are here, take a look at my pictures. I am handsome fella. Don't you think? If you are interested in adopting me or have any questions, don't be afraid to ask. Do not let my lack of vision or age scare you off. I certainly do not allow these small details get in my way, and so shouldn't you! I have quite a lot of love to give, and I have a long life ahead of me.