Oh, the wonderful things about Trevors is Trevors are wonderful things. Their tops are made of fur. Their bottoms are made of paws. They’re bouncy, trouncy, flouncy, and pouncy fun, fun, fun, fun, fun! But the most wonderful things about Trevors is I’m the only one!

So, I’m Trevor, and I’m the most wonderful thing! My birthday is estimated to be April of 2011. I’m a tan Cocker Spaniel boy with white markings. I’m quite a cutie patootie if I say so myself. Other than being heartworm positive (for which I’m undergoing treatment), I have a clean bill of health. I am potty trained, but I do pee when I get excited. Also, my foster mom is working on putting some weight on me. I’m a little on the thin side, so I get served extra servings of food. Lucky me! I gobble it right up!

I’m just a happy fella. I live in a home with 4 foster brothers (cockers and beagles), and I get a long with them fine and dandy. I still have some youngin’ tendencies so my older brothers let me know when I get too much for them. I do get a little growly when I play with other dogs, so my foster mom and foster brothers are teaching me how to play nicely and not to feel threatened when dogs play with me – like tug-of-war. I enjoy playing with stuff animals, and I like carrying them around even on my walks. I do enjoy the luxury of living with a family. I get to snooze on comfy beds and lots of snuggles! It’s the best life ever!

If you love public display of affection, I’m the boy for you. I have an uncontrollable licker! I love letting you know I love you, and showering you with kisses. I enjoy my daily walks, and only because I have a burst of excitement in the beginning, I do pull a little. After a few corrections, I do fall in step and walk quite nicely.

Oh yes, the feline friends… I do have a few in the house. I don’t care about them until they zoom around the house, which causes a stir in the house. I follow suit by chasing and barking at them. Otherwise, I get along with the cats in the house.

Well, that’s all folks. Check back soon! My foster mom is still watching my personality blossom. I’m up-to-date on my vaccinations and neutered. I’m ready for my new journey to a forever home with someone extraordinary.